Goals & Objectives

The objectives for which the Institute is established are in conformity with the UGC Regulations, Guidelines and Rules. The objectives for which the Institute is established are;

  • To perform
  • Educational functions
  • Sponsored Research and Consultancy functions
  • Continuing Education and Extension functions
  • Development and Service functions
  • Management functions.
  • To organize advanced studies, research programs and continuing, Medical, Engineering & Technology education, programs and to establish linkages in India and Abroad with the departments of any other Institute or University,
  • To devise and implement programs of education in all branches of Medical and allied Sciences, Para-Medical Courses, Dental Sciences, Health Sciences, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Engineering Technology and allied Sciences, Humanities, Management studies, Education, Legal studies, Catering Technology, Fashion Technology, Visual Communication, Yoga, courses in the emerging / innovative areas and Education which are relevant to the current and future needs of the society, alive to the long term requirements and responsive to the anticipated changes and developments in terms of breadth of diversity and depth of specialization.
  • To serve as a centre for fostering co-operation and exchange of ideas between the academic and research community on the one hand and the Industrial and Government employees on the other and to promote entrepreneurship among the students,
  • To promote national integration and the integrated development of the human personality through its policies and programs,
  • To undertake sponsored R&D and continuing education providing knowledge-based advice and consultancy, preparation/publication of educational material like books/ study reports/research papers and extending services to society,
  • To have a greater interface with society through extra-mural, extension and field action related programs.

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