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About Department Of Pharmacy Practice

The Department of Pharmacy Practice bridges Krishna Institute of Pharmacy with Krishna hospital, 1125 beds multi-specialty hospital located in the same campus. It is a clinically oriented academic department located in the hospital and provides excellent and experiential training to become good clinical professionals. Our department offers Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) program both regular and post baccalaureate (PB). For Undergraduate B. Pharmacy level the subjects handled include Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacovigilance. The Department of Pharmacy Practice work in cooperation with Hospital to ensure Rational Drug therapy and catering various Patient care needs such as Patient Counseling, Drug therapy monitoring, Drug Information services. This emerging area of Pharmaceutical care as the need of the society is rising day by day because of the evolution of new diseases and new medicines.


To be a nationally recognized leader in pharmacy practice education, research, and outreach which will be known for its high quality and impact on improving human health through efficiently, effectively, ethically, and continuously meeting the changing needs of populations.


To prepare qualified pharmacists competent of offering high quality pharmaceutical care

services while pursuing innovation and excellence in patient care, research, and community wellness.


  1. To achieve excellence in pharmacy practice education and community wellness. ‚Äč
  2. To achieve distinction in leadership skills in conducting pharmaceutical care services and pharmaceutical care research
  3. Apply evidence based scientific knowledge in pharmaceutical practice to provide optimum patient care.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in medication management to improve health outcomes of individuals and community.
  5. Apply fundamental principles and skills in conducting pharmaceutical research
  6. Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration in various professional settings
  7. Practice life-long learning and demonstrate self-awareness to enhance themselves and their profession

Teaching Learning Method

Various teaching learning methods adopted by the Faculty in teaching and learning:

Didactic Lectures with ICT tools

Computer Assisted Learning for understanding drug biological response

Problem based learning through real time case-based studies

Seminars and case presentations

Experiential Learning

SOAP Analysis

Pharmacy Practice service: Case based studies

Structured Medication Review Module based teaching


Dr. Bijoy Kumar Panda

Dr. Bijoy Kumar Panda

Ph.D, M.Pharm (Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice)

Associate Professor

Mrs. Jisha Annie Geevarghese

Mrs. Jisha Annie Geevarghese

M. Pharm Pharmacy Practice

Assistant Professor

Dr. Amina Shajahan

Dr. Amina Shajahan

Pharm D

Assistant Professor


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