About Department Of Pharmacology

KVV’s Krishna Institute of pharmacy Department of Pharmacology is dedicated to pursuing and upholding excellence in both research and teaching. The faculty members of the department are actively involved in educating Pharmacy students. In addition to traditional lectures, the teaching process also includes interactive modules in Pharmacy, experimental Pharmacology demonstrations, tutorials, group discussions on, drug displays, and seminars on various Pharmacology-related topics. The department's state-of-the-art Experimental and Research laboratories offer an excellent platform for both research-oriented students and faculty we regularly organize continuing programs and workshops, which draw participants from other departments and pharmacy colleges throughout the country. These events provide an exceptional opportunity for students and faculty to interact with experts from various fields in academia and industry.

The faculty is dedicated to providing a supportive and approachable learning environment for students. The curriculum is constantly evolving to enhance student learning and provide hands-on experience with animal research under the guidance of experienced faculty. Students have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals through workshops, symposiums, and seminars held in collaboration with drug companies. Collaborative research with other institute is highly encouraged, facilitated by highly motivated and cooperative faculty.


Our vision is to be a recognized leader in pharmacology research, education, and patient care, driving innovation and improving health outcomes through the safe and effective use of medications.


Our mission is to advance the understanding of drugs and their effects on biological systems, and to apply this knowledge for the betterment of human health and well-being. We are committed to conducting cutting-edge research, providing quality education and training, and promoting the safe and effective use of medications


Research: Conducting high-quality research to advance knowledge in pharmacology,

including studying drug mechanisms of action, drug interactions, drug development, and

exploring new therapeutic targets

  1. Education and Training: Providing comprehensive education and training programs for students, residents, and fellows in pharmacology.
  2. Collaboration: Promoting collaboration and interdisciplinary research initiatives with other departments, institutions, and industry partners
  3. Drug Safety and Regulation: Contributing to the safe and effective use of medications by actively participating in drug safety monitoring and pharmacovigilance activities.
  4. Community Outreach: Engaging in community outreach and education initiatives to promote medication safety, rational drug use, and public awareness of pharmacology- related topics

Teaching Learning Method

Lectures: Traditional lectures are often used to deliver foundational knowledge in pharmacology

Laboratory Sessions: Pharmacology laboratory sessions provide hands-on experience with experimental techniques and drug testing. Students may have the opportunity to conduct experiments to study drug interactions, dose-response relationships, or drug metabolism. These sessions’ help students develop practical skills, understand laboratory methodologies, and reinforce theoretical concepts

Simulations and Virtual Learning: With advancements in technology, simulations and virtual learning tools are becoming increasingly popular in pharmacology education.



Mr. Anup Ashokrao Patil

M. Pharmacy

Associate Professor

Mrs. Pratiksha Prashant Jadhav

Mrs. Jadhav Pratiksha Prashant

M. Pharmacy,

Assistant Professor


Dr. Anuradha N. Chivate

M.Pharm, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Mr. Shivsharan Basavraj Dhadde

Mr. Shivsharan B. Dhadde

M. Pharm (Pharmacology)

Assistant Professor


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IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

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1 Screening of docetaxel dutasteride Nanostructured lipid carriers on prostate cancer cell lines Mr.Anup A. Patil , Dr. P.S. Salve [a], Dr. R. C. Doijad[a],, Dr.A.A.Koparde. [ Eur. Chem. Bull. 2023, Issue 1), 936-941 April 2023
2 Effect of gel bassed polyherbal handwash of Azadiracta indica ,Citrus limonis and Aloe vera,On Staphylococcus Aureus, Candida Albicans and Bacillus Subtilis Mr.Anup Patil Dr Akshada Koparde Lampyrid journal June 2023


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