Head of Department :
Dr. Shete Amol Somanath
Dean (I/C), Associate Professor

About Department Of Pharmaceutics

The Department of Pharmaceutics at Krishna Institute of Pharmacy strives to offer students a comprehensive education in the field of pharmaceutics. Our department is dedicated to ensuring that our graduates have the requisite knowledge and skills to meet the changing demands of the healthcare industry. Our broad curriculum encompasses topics such as biopharmaceutics, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical microbiology, biotechnology, and the formulation and development of pharmaceutical products. Our experienced faculty members are dedicated to cultivating a supportive learning environment for students and utilize innovative teaching techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to provide a well-rounded education. The faculty members are also actively involved in cutting-edge research in areas such as novel drug delivery systems, crystal engineering, drug bioavailability enhancement and nanotechnology and encourage students to participate in research projects and publications. Our department is equipped with advanced facilities, including well-equipped laboratories with cutting-edge instruments such as the ATR-FTIR spectrophotometer, Brookfield viscometer, automatic diffusion cell apparatus, cooling centrifuge, lyophilizer, rotary evaporator, stability chamber, and more. In collaboration with industry partners and research institutions, we offer students opportunities for hands-on learning and research experience. Our focus on excellence and innovation is aimed at preparing the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists who will have a positive impact on society. Under the umbrella of pharmaceutics department we are having three post graduate programs namely M.Pharm in pharmaceutics, Regulatory affairs and Pharmaceutical quality assurance.


To emerge as a pioneering and transformative force in the field of pharmaceutics, driving

breakthrough advancements in drug delivery systems, fostering interdisciplinary

collaborations, and establishing a lasting impact on patient health and well-being globally.


Provide high-quality education and training in pharmaceutics, equipping students with

the knowledge and skills needed for successful careers in the pharmaceutical industry,

academia, or research.

Conduct cutting-edge research in drug delivery systems and formulations, aiming to

develop innovative approaches that improve therapeutic outcomes and address unmet

medical needs.

Foster collaborations and partnerships with industry, regulatory bodies, and healthcare

organizations to facilitate knowledge exchange, technology transfer, and professional

development opportunities for faculty, students, and researchers.

Promote ethical practices, professionalism, and a commitment to improving patient

care through the responsible development and use of pharmaceutical products.


  1. Excellence in Education: Provide high-quality education and training in pharmaceutics, ensuring students receive a strong foundation in pharmaceutical sciences, drug delivery systems, and formulation development.
  2. Cutting-edge Research: Conduct innovative research in pharmaceutics, focusing on the development of new drug delivery technologies, formulations, and therapies to address current and emerging healthcare challenges.
  3. Collaboration: Foster collaborations with pharmaceutical industries, research institutes, regulatory agencies, and healthcare organizations to facilitate knowledge exchange, collaborative research projects, and internships, preparing students with industry-relevant skills and enhancing their understanding of real-world
    pharmaceutical practices.
  4. Positive Societal Impact: Contribute to the improvement of society and healthcare outcomes by developing patient-centered drug delivery systems, promoting rational drug use, advocating for improved medication access, and actively participating in public health initiatives.

Teaching Learning Method

At our pharmaceutics department, we employ a dynamic and interactive teaching-

learning approach that combines traditional methods with modern technologies to enhance student engagement and knowledge retention. Our experienced faculty members utilize a blend of PowerPoint presentations and chalkboard demonstrations to deliver comprehensive lectures, ensuring conceptual clarity and facilitating active participation.

We foster an inclusive learning environment where students are encouraged to ask

questions, engage in discussions, and explore practical applications of theoretical concepts. Our faculty members are dedicated mentors who provide individualized attention and guidance to nurture students' intellectual growth and professional development.

In addition to classroom teaching, we emphasize hands-on learning experiences

through laboratory practical sessions, research projects, and industrial visits. These

opportunities enable students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, develop critical thinking skills, and gain practical insights into pharmaceutical sciences.

To further enrich the learning process, we embrace technology by incorporating

multimedia resources, interactive simulations, and online learning platforms. These tools

enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of educational materials, allowing students to

review lectures, access supplementary resources, and collaborate with peers beyond

traditional classroom hours.

By adopting a student-centered approach, we strive to cultivate a passion for lifelong

learning, professional growth, and innovation among our students. Our teaching-learning methods aim to empower aspiring pharmaceutical scientists with the skills, knowledge, and ethical values necessary to excel in their careers and contribute to the advancement of the pharmaceutical field.


Dr. Amol Shete

Dr. Shete Amol Somanath

Dean (I/C), Associate Professor

Tel (Office) – 02164-241555/6/7




Dr. Vishwajeet Sampatrao Ghorpade

M. Pharm., PhD

Associate Professor


Mrs. Swati B. Udugade

M. Pharm., PhD

Associate Professor

Mrs. Madhuri Mahesh Desai

Mrs. Madhuri Mahesh Desai


Assistant Professor


Mr.Raghwendra Raosaheb Waghmode

M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)

Assistant Professor

photo Madhuri Patil

Mrs. Madhuri Bhushan Patil

M pharmacy (Biopharmaceutics)

Assistant Professor


Ms. Anuya Vimalakar Babar


Assistant Professor

Miss. Shreya Shrishail Pattanshetti

Ms. Shreya Shrishail Pattanshetti


Assistant Professor

Mr. Amit Ramchandra Kumbhar

Mr. Amit Ramchandra Kumbhar


Assistant Professor

Mr. Pramod Anil Patil

Pramod Anil Patil

Assistant Professor

Ms. Sandhyarani Ramesh Sagavkar

Ms. Sandhyarani Ramesh Sagavkar

M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics)

Assistant Professor


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IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

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