Head of Department :
Dr. Ajit V. Sontakke
Professor & Head.

About Department Of Biochemistry

Established in year 1984.

Programs : Undergraduate, postgraduate, Fellowships programs

Department has adequate Teaching and Non-teaching staff

Biochemistry has a major role in modern medicine

Biochemistry helps us in knowing the status of various tissues like liver, kidneys, pancreas etc.

It will provide us with answers for cancer, ageing process and gene therapy

It is an important tool in the diagnosis and prognosis of various diseases.


To train students of biochemistry in the science of life process at the molecular level and orient them towards application of knowledge acquired, in solving clinical problems.


To produce competent personnel with ethical values and up to date knowledge in the subject for rendering quality health care & education to the community.


The main goal of teaching Biochemistry to students, is to have a sound knowledge of various biomolecules present in living cells and organisms. To orient them towards molecular level of all the chemical reactions associated with living cells and apply this knowledge in maintenance of health and effective treatment of diseases.

At the end of the course the student should be able to describe the structural and functional organization of cell and its subcellular components.

Understand the chemistry and biological significance of various biomolecules like carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and haemoglobins.

Have a sound knowledge of enzymes in respect to mechanism of action, classification and their use in medicine.

Have clear concept about digestion, absorption, inter conversion and assimilation of various nutrients in our diet.

Know metabolisms of major biomolecules with their integration and regulations.

Be able to comprehend genes, their expression, the principles and the application of genetic engineering.

Be able to explain inborn errors of various metabolisms.

Know the mechanism of body defense, detoxification and homeostasis of body fluids and pH.

Have thorough understanding about nutrition in respect with vitamins, minerals, malnutrition and obesity.

Be able to outline biochemical basis of cancer, free radicals and


Get familiar with conventional biochemical investigations and their interpretations.

Important Infrastructure

I. Laboratories

Under graduate

Post graduate

Clinical Biochemistry




Molecular Biology

KIMS Diagnostics

Lead Referral Lab.

Molecular Dignostic

Apart from routine biochemical investigations, some special investigations like; cardiac markers, tumor markers, hormone assay, vitamins, electrophoresis, VMA, lead estimation etc. are also done.

II. Seminar room

III. Museum

IV. Library

Teaching Learning Method

Didactic lectures.

Self Directed Learning (SDL).

Small Group Teaching (SGT).

Problem Based Learning (PBL).

Students’ seminars.


Early Clinical Exposure (ECE).



Integrated teaching


Academic / Scientific activities such as webinars, CMEs, workshops & conferences are conducted by the department regularly.

Journal club for PG students.



Dr. Ajit V. Sontakke

Professor & Head.

Tel (Office) – 02164-241555/6/7

> 46 years of UG & > 36 years of PG teaching experience. University recognised UG & PG teacher. Guided 5 MD Biochemistry and 10 PhD students. Chief executive of KIMS diagnostics (NABL accredited lab). MMC recognised speaker, Invited as guest speaker at various conferences, Workshops, CME etc. in India and out of India. > 60 publications in National & International indexed journals. Books published – 5 Ex member of BOS MUHS Nashik, Shivaji Kolhapur, DY Patil Kolhapur, BLDE Vijayapur, GMC Goa. Chairperson BOS Biochemistry, KIMS Karad. Protocol committee member of KVV. Ethics committee member of KVV. Ethics committee member of Excel Endocrine Center, Kolhapur. Awarded best pre-clinical teacher for 4 times. Kolhapur district veteran doubles tennis winner thrice.



Dr. Axita Vani




Dr. Sangita R. Patil

M.Sc. (Med Biochemistry), PhD. Med Biochemistry

Associate Professor


Dr. Jyotsna A. Patil

M.Sc., Ph.D. (Med) Biochemistry

Associate Professor


Dr. Sudarshan N. Shelke


Associate Professor


Dr. Anup S. Hendre

M.Sc. (Medical) Biochemistry, Ph.D. (Medical) Biochemistry

Assistant Professor


Dr. Mandakini S. Kshirsagar

M.Sc (Med) Biochemistry, Ph.D (Med) Biochemistry

Assistant Professor


Dr. Vaishali S. Pawar

MBBS, DOMS, MD Biochemistry

Assistant Professor


Dr. Ganesh H. Ghanwat

M.Sc (Med) ,Ph.D (Med) Biochemistry



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Events, Webinar, Workshop, Conference

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